Tyson Fury, at age 33, gets his 31st win on 31 date numerology in his 3rd fight against Wilder.

Wondering what the hell these numbers are all about? Check out my Introductory lesson to gematria here. https://bozfreakca.wordpress.com/2021/10/18/for-those-new-to-gematira/

Wilder vs Fury 3 took place on October 9th 2021.

Date Numerology

1+0+9+21=31 10+9+21=22 1+0+9+2+1 = 13 .

Day leaving 83 days left in year.

Fury improved to 31-0-1, 22 by KO on 31 and 22 date numerology.

From Fury’s 33rd birthday to the date of the fight is exactly 8 weeks and 3 days.

Tyson Fury Sums to 163, the 38th prime number

Notice how Energy equals also 38 and 88, Fury was born in 1988.

These are Energetic Rituals.

Fury’s 33rd strike of the fight results in the first knockdown in round 3.

Fury’s second knockdown on Wilder was his 131st strike.

Not unlike Fury’s Record improving to 31-0-1 on 31 date numerology.

In the post fight interview, the interviewer made the claim that between the 3 fights, they fought a total of 33 rounds. This is untrue as the real amount of rounds is 31, once again reminding us that Fury improved to 31-0-1 on 31 date numerology.

Link to Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tshJ_SkCcnc

In the post fight interview, Fury brings his trainer SugarHill Steward to the front, who is wearing a hat that says Sugar.

Don’t overlook the 21 and 69 either. Jesuit = 21, The Jesuit Order = 69

Tyson Fury, Arturo Sosa the Jesuit Connection

The distance between Fury’s birthday and Arturo Sosa’s birthday is 3 months and 1 day.

Fury improved to 31 wins on 31 date numerology while Arturo Sosa was the 31st Superior general of The Jesuit Order.

Arturo Sosa was exactly 72 years and 331 days old on the night of Fury’s win.

Arturo Sosa has birth numerology of 27/72 .

1+1+1+2+1+9+4+8= 27.

1+1+1+2+19+48= 72.

It just so happens that Tyson Fury has birth numerology of 27 as well.

8+1+2+8+8= 27.

Fury was 33 years, 1 month and 27 days old on the night of the fight.

Fury’s trainer SugarHill Steward’s surname also equals 27.

Furthermore, notice how Arturo, Tyson and Jesuit have matching Gematria of 93/21/42/24

This is all the more interesting when you look at the distance between their birthdays.

93 is a very special number, if you recall, the Bible says Jesus died at 33 on the 93rd day between 9-3. Were told the Sun is 93 million miles away.

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