Scripted Southwest Airlines Shutdown October 11th 2021

Wondering what the hell these numbers are all about? Check out my Introductory lesson to gematria here.

Date Numerology

10+11=21. 10+11+2+1=24. 10+11+21=42

Todays date is written 10/11 not unlike 111, reminding us that 9/11 happened on the day leaving 111th days left in the year.

From 9/11 to todays date is precisely 20 years and 1 month, not unlike 201.

Southwest Airlines was founded March 15th 1964

From the day they were founded to today’s date is a span of 54 years and 210 days.

Remember today has the numerology of 21 as well 42.

The Order of the Illuminati motto Order out of Chaos “coincidently” has matching Gematria with Southwest Airlines.

Remember from 9/11/2001 to the date the pandemic was declared on 3/11/2020 is exactly 222 months.

This is also the phrase George Floyd had tattooed across his chest, another person whose name “coincidently” equals 201.

George Perry Floyd = 201/102

Don’t overlook the 69 as The Jesuit Order = 69

These were all major Chaos events that led to a more top-down Authoritarian style Government.

Remember, the 9/11 attacks lasted 102 minutes, 102 days after Operation Amalgam Virgo, the simulation was about terrorists targeting important targets like the Pentagon and WTC with UAV Missiles.

Note how Bin Laden’s face is on the cover surrounded by 4 planes, just like how there were 4 planes on 9/11.

Of course, Amalgam Virgo equals 119, like 9/11.

Now back to Southwest Airlines.

Herb Kelleher is the Founder of Southwest Airlines.

He died 2 months and 10 days after his 87th birthday.

2 months and 10 days is a span of 69 days.

Notice his name also equals 21 and 24, once again today has the numerology of 21 and 24.

Kelleher equals 41 and 140, not unlike the date numerology of his death on 01/03/2019.

1+3+1+9 = 41

From Kellehers birthday to today’s shutdown is exactly 1087 months.

Why is 187 important? The official name of The Jesuit Order is the Society of Jesus.

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