Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Shooting and its connection Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, John Erik Hexum and Vic Morrow

This alleged shooting comes on October 21st, 201 days after Alec Baldwin’s birthday.

Bruce Lee died on the 201st day of the year, shooting his movie Game of Death, where he played a Mixed Martial Artists/Hollywood actor who gets shot and killed by a prop gun.

His son Brandon Lee, would then be “coincidentally” shot and killed by a prop gun while shooting the movie The Crow.

The day they decided to bury Brandon Lee was on Alec Baldwin’s 35th birthday.

Bruce Lee = 35

Jon-Erik Hexum died due to a prop gun malfunction on the set of the movie “Cover Up”

Cover Up = 35. Bruce Lee = 35. Brandon Lee was buried on Alec Baldwin’s 35th birthday.

Brandon Lee’s death came exactly 201 days after the anniversary of Jon Erik Hexum’s death.

Brandon Lee died on 56 date numerology, Jon Erik Hexum was born on 56th day of the year.

Offical title for the Jesuit Order

The day he died, October 18th would eventualy be the day that the pandemic simulation Event 201, was hosted by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.

Vic Morrow, died on the set of The Twilight Zone Movie, shooting a scene based in Vietnam.

Jesuit = 84

Jon Erik Hexum, dead in 1984.

Vic Morrow died at age 53

From Brandon Lee’s death to he anniversary of Vic Morrow’s death is a span of 115 days.

Jon Erik Hexum was born on 11/5.

Notice how Victor Morrow sums to 72 both forward and in reverse.

The Alec Baldwin incident happened on 72 date numerology.

Brandon Lee dead in 1993. The Alec Baldwin shooting comes 93 days after Bruce Lee’s death anniversary.

From Bruce Lee’s death date to the day Vic Morrow died is 9 years and 3 days.

The distance between Brandon Lee’s death and the anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death is 112 days.

Just like the distance between Alec Baldwins birthday/ Brandon Lee’s burial date and Vic Morrow’s death.

Jon Erik Hexum died on 112 date numerology.

The Jesuits claim to operate in 112 different countries.

All the people who died from a prop gun have 119 associated with their death.

This is an extremely important number in the Occult\

Tisha B’av, the Jewish holiday to remember the destruction of the Two Temples. Why do you think 9/11 happened that day?

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The first EVER Pope to live in Suite 201, which is named the Domus Sanctae Marthae

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