On This Day in History, Bruce Springsteen was on the cover of both Time and Newsweek Magazine

Bruce Springsteen’s Magazine Cover appearance on both Time and Newsweek came 33 days after his birthday.

Bruce’s birthday has the numerology of 33

Time Magazine was created on March 3rd, a day written 3/3.

This cover appearance comes after the release of his album Born To Run, which was released on August 25th 1975, a day with the the numerology of 33.

The magazine’s were released in the month of October.

Bruce Springsteen’s age on the day of the magazine cover appearance.

The title of the Newsweek magazine Making of a Rockstar sums to 277, the 59th prime, matching the numerology of the day the magazine released.

The title of the Time magazine Rocks New Sensation, sums to 98, matching the Gematria of the day the magazine was released, also reminding us that Bruce was born on the day leaving 98 days left in the year.

Time Magazine is 98 years old the year I discovered this, natural synchronicities at its finest!

The day the magazine released has the numerology of 49.

The day the magazine was released, has the numerology of 22.

Born to Run was released 2 months and 2 days before the magazine release date.

Born To Run is also a match with the title of Newsweek’s magazine.

Born To Run was released on the 237th day of the year, matching the Gematria of Bruce Springsteen.

Also notice how the date Born To Run was released, and Bruce Springsteen’s birthday that year have matching numerology in every single cipher.

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