Joel Quenneville Resigns in Light of the 107-Page Document Detailing Kyle Beach’s Sexual Assault

Joel Quenneville’s resignation was the result of the release of the 107-page document, detailing the sexual abuse of the Chicago Blackhawks player Kyle Beach, during their 2010 Stanley Cup Championship run, when Quenneville was the head coach.

His resignation comes on October 29th, 2021, a day with the numerology of 17.

The headline Joel Quenneville Resigns sums to 107, reminding us that Quenneville was born on the date leaving 107 days left in the year

His resignation comes exactly, 170 days from the date Kyle Beach spoke out.

He was the coach of the Florida Panthers at the time of his resignation.

He is known as Coach Q or Q. The 17th letter of the alphabet is Q.

The sexual abuse story broke 17 weeks before his birthday.

Kyle Beach spoke out about his abuse 17 weeks and 1 day after his birthday, which also had the date numerology of 17.

Notice how the news of Kyle Beach was born on the 13th and the news of him being Sexually Assaulted was released on the 13th of May when he was 31 years old.

Joel Quenneville was precisely 63 years and 44 days old on the date of this resignation.

The date of his resignation is the day leaving 63 days left in the year, also a day with the numerology of 44.

Bradley Aldrich is the man accused of sexually assaulting Kyle Beach.

Look how Bradley Aldrich’s name matches Sexual Abuse.

I tried to find Bradley Aldrich’s birthday online, but due to the case, they allegedly can’t disclose his birthday.

Strange if you ask me.

What is circulating though, is that he may be 38 years old.

This is interesting considering Quenneville was born on 38 date numerology, perfectly matching the team he just resigned from.

Not much of a surprise when you realize that this is likely to be the Death of his Coaching career.

Keep in mind, if Bradley Aldrich is really 38, that would mean he was born in 1983.

Also note that Kyle Beach was born 8 months and 3 days before Quenneville’s birthday.

The day of Quenneville’s resignation is October 29th, perfectly matching the numerology of the day he was born and once again, matching the team he just resigned from.

Also note how Chicago Blackhawks sums to 137, the 33rd prime, and this resignation comes on 33 date numerology.

October 29th,2021, also has the numerology of 42, once again syncing up with Joel Quenneville.

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